You Can Still Buy A New XP Pro Computer

I published this article almost a year ago. I wanted to update everyone that might need an XP Pro computer. As of yesterday, I can still purchase a new XP Pro computer. There continues a need to have a physical CPU with XP Pro, necessary to run legacy applications, especially in the security and medical businesses that I’m most familiar with.

I’m still amazed at the number of times people inquire about purchasing a new XP Pro computer. I see no reason not to buy an XP Pro computer. I configured a new Dell business desktop computer today for a project I’m working on.

The Dell summary worksheet details my computer specs for a new QuickBooks server, a great deal considering it has 2gb memory, 3 year on site service and 3 year anti virus software. As a mater of fact, I will use this computer as a multi session terminal server designed for both local access and remote access from the CPA’s office. The entire project costs will come in under $1000 plus the QuickBooks license.

If you need a new computer, all the major players still sell Windows 7 Pro downgrades to XP Pro. It just takes a bit of effort to configure and purchase them. I continually need a steady supply of XP Pro computers for small businesses.

If you want to save a good bit of money, try searching Amazon for off lease desktop or refurbished desktop. Check the specs carefully for memory, hard drive size, dvd burner and the operating system to get a great deal.

They say one picture’s worth a thousand words. Check out this screen shot of my prototype QuickBooks terminal server on a shoe string. You can plainly see three users’ remote desktop QuickBooks Multi User sessions and an administrator desktop session simultaneously working on an XP Pro based terminal server. This stuff’s so much fun.

Three Simultaneous QuickBooks Sessions on QuickBooks Server

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