When Is Backup Really Backup

I find myself easily drawn to new and better technology, but when does a product not quite get you there?


The Seagate® Replica™ 500-GB System bills itself as a "complete PC backup system, Effortless, automatic backup for everything on your PC, including the operating system, programs, and settings." This sounds easy and the device looks pretty nifty. But, the devil is in the details.

Seagate tells me that the Replica will automatically backup my entire hard drive without my having to configure anything. I’m almost sold. So what pushes me over the edge?

This thing is so cool looking. It will look great sitting on my desk quietly backing up all of my data. So I make the purchase, plug and play, automatically backing up my stuff so that I am completely protected from any data loss, right?


Wrong… The Replica has it’s place, like it’s ability to save the file you accidently deleted on Friday but knew it was correct on Tuesday. So, just restore Tuesday’s copy of the file. You can also restore a complete snapshot of your computer’s drive in the event you are wiped out by a virus. But what about the really big catastrophes?

The big ones prove the need for a bullet proof backup and recovery system for not only your pc but your entire business. It’s not out of the question that when your computer is destroyed in a disaster, your cute little Seagate Replica will also be destroyed at the same time.

I would like to see this Seagate Replica device not only backup your computer automatically but also push a backup to the cloud, an off site out of region data center. Imagine loosing both your computer and Replica in a fire, but having the ability to restore your files from the cloud back to your new replacement computer.

Then you would have a true backup. Combine frequent file restores with testing of those restored files and you then have a bullet proof backup and recovery system. 

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