Virtual Reality Cycling redirects to this page because I’ve found it more effective to post my cycling articles here. After 20+ years off a bike, virtual reality cycling helped condition me to return to road cycling. I train at Steve Elliott’s VR Cycling Studio.

I commercially install and support video intensive virtual reality cycling simulation for indoor training with RacerMate’s CompuTrainer and VeloTron, utilizing Virtual Reality Cycling simulation software from ErgVideo and RacerMate, for home and commercial studios.

If you own or run a large fitness center, you should consider adding a Virtual Reality Cycling module. The overall performance increases over dedicated spinning type systems will keep your cyclists returning for repeat business. When you add coaching and training plans to the mix, you achieve a blueprint for high margins and growth. Let me guide you down the VR Cycling path. Contact me today.

“Today, CompuTrainer is widely recognized as the leading electronic bicycle ergometer for maximum performance improvement, testing, and enjoyable indoor training. For testing and training their athletes, the Canadian Cycling Association coaches and national team members have officially adopted CompuTrainer, as have USA Cycling Coaches Association, USA Triathlon and USAT Coaches Association.” From RacerMate


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