To We Or Not To We

You might take note that the United States has 20,392,068 single-person businesses, courtesy of 78% of all US business is “I” business not “We” business.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the virtual PBX, web based small business software that allows for a as well as other premium corporate type telephone services. Companies like pioneered the marketing presentation that allows a single person to appear to be a large business, at least from the telephone perspective.

If a virtual PBX system with voicemail and Internet Fax interests you, try it free today. You will be impressed when your friends have the ability to press 1 for the sales department, press 2 for accounting and press 3 for customer service, all ending up in your voice mail.

It’s no different on the Internet. I’m certain that half of the 20,392,068 single-person businesses have websites speaking about how “we” can get the job done. You most certainly have been to web sites that pump up their online presence with “we are the oldest in the business” or “our customer service is second to none” and “we stand ready to serve you”. What Are We? We are generally one person.

Embrace the fact that as one person, you can get the job done. Write your website in first person. Tell me what makes “you” different. Tell me that “I” can get the job done. When I call you, tell me that “you” need me to leave a message, because you are busy earning your portion of $951 billion dollars a year generated by single person business! I’m trying as hard as I can to earn my portion.

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