The Blind Linking The Blind

What’s in a phrase?

For years, I’ve been thinking about creating a word, combination of words or a phrase that I might call my own, in the context of the Internet world and Internet marketing. I’ve finally found one. I’ve used my phrase in all of the search engines and discovered “no hits”.

So why am I consumed by this seemingly trivial exercise? Next to a key word rich domain name, a key word rich tag line or phrase rapidly becomes the strongest tool in your Internet marketing toolbox.

“The Blind Linking the Blind” is my next experiment in Internet marketing. Lets see how fast we can push this phrase into distribution as a tool to understand SEO, Social Networking and Blogging.

Today, no hits, tomorrow, the World!

UPDATE: Jan 19 Google indexed “The Blind Linking the Blind” From zero to one results and its mine!

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