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New Company File in QuickBooks

Published on March 12, 2011 By Les Murphy

I start out each year with a new company file for QuickBooks. It seems perfectly reasonable because my QuickBooks complexity does not effect my process of creating the file. Starting with a new file keeps QuickBooks operating fast and error free. I’ve always taken my process for granted because is as simple as exporting lists […]

You Can Still Buy A New XP Pro Computer

Published on February 7, 2011 By Les Murphy

I published this article almost a year ago. I wanted to update everyone that might need an XP Pro computer. As of yesterday, I can still purchase a new XP Pro computer. There continues a need to have a physical CPU with XP Pro, necessary to run legacy applications, especially in the security and medical […]

QuickBooks Server Remote Applications On A Shoe String

Published on May 23, 2010 By Les Murphy

They say one picture’s worth a thousand words. Check out this screen shot of my QuickBooks Remote Application Server, a QuickBooks multi user terminal server on a shoe string. You can plainly see three users’ remote desktop QuickBooks Multi User sessions and an administrator desktop session simultaneously working on an XP Pro based terminal server. […]

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