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QuickBooks Multi User QuickBooks Server QuickBooks Remote Access

Published on August 25, 2011 By Les Murphy

Not all small businesses can afford QuickBooks Hosting. But, many businesses can’t afford not to. A small business must make a solid business case to spend $50 per user on Hosted QuickBooks. Make the business case and you too can spend many years using QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant or Enterprise Solutions trouble free. If your […]

Time To Chose A QuickBooks Hosting Provider

Published on May 22, 2011 By Les Murphy

If you are tackling a new QuickBooks server installation, consider this story line. Let me be honest with myself here. I would like to have a five user QuickBooks installation that allows me the same functionality as a commercially hosted QuickBooks setup, one that would run me $250 per month. Actually, I really want to […]

Virtual QuickBooks Multi User Into The Cloud

Published on January 15, 2010 By Les Murphy

Extending our understanding of routine software tools such as QuickBooks Multi User sets the stage for us to profit from new technologies. Most of us know the QuickBooks icon well. Our common frame of reference allows us to explore over-used, over-hyped technology terms like virtual computing, virtualization, cloud computing, cloud services and the cloud, in […]

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