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Restore QuickBooks Backups

Published on September 4, 2009 By Les Murphy

Question: How do I check to make sure I can actually restore my backup files? Answer: If you are using a local backup, I have a quick video explaining the process here. If you are using QuickBooks online backup, use Web Restore to restore your latest online backup company file to a folder on your […]

Moving QuickBooks Company Files

Published on September 3, 2009 By Les Murphy

Questions: How do I move my company file from my laptop to the server and the server only has the database version of the install? I have the same issue. I made a backup from ,my laptop of the company file what I’d been connecting to at work. I then restored the backup file to […]

QuickBooks Database Manager Stops Working

Published on June 12, 2009 By Les Murphy

While on the QuickBooks Online Community the other day, I took the opportunity to answer a particularly difficult question concerning QuickBooks Multi User and Microsoft Server 2003 that has plagued systems people for awhile. QUESTION: I have the Database Server Manager running on a Windows 2003 server. It seems that when ever I use Remote […]

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