Small Business Telephone Systems

The Panasonic Cloud Business Phone System is a great way to lower business costs. Combined with a solid Internet connection and a reliable SIP provider, Panasonic’s knocked one out of the park with this product. This small business telephone system includes multi-line corded and cordless functionality using “Panasonic Cloud Services“; a reliable, affordable, flexible and no annual contract IP phone service for your business.

The Panasonic Cloud Business Phone System supports up to 6 additional cordless Handsets and has a great looking desktop base station.


Internet telephone systems come in many flavors; but they all have one thing in common. They should never be used with substandard Internet connectivity. My preference is a solid Internet T1, but any robust, async, low latency cable or ADSL connection will work to some degree.

If you don’t have a T1, check your Internet connection with 8×8’s VOIP Online Test Tool to determine the ability of your Internet service to support an Internet phone system. I recently tested a business ADSL circuit that could support several telephone lines.

If your Internet circuit fails the test, consider looking beyond your local phone or cable company. You have many options no mater where you’re located in North America.

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