Slow Hosting Poor Email End Of A Network Solutions Era

You know what they say… everything changes. And change includes Network Solutions, after undertaking a major face-lift and product reposition last year. Whatever you think of the new look, it’s a distraction at best for the difficult position I find myself in.

During the early  ’90s, I frequently completed the mail-in applications for domain names and sent them to you know who. I didn’t know that anyone else would sell me a domain name.

I bestowed accolades on Network Solutions to anyone that would listen. I certainly didn’t figure out how valuable domain names would be or how ubiquitous the Internet would become. Since that time, I’ve recommended Network Solutions to every person that’s ever discussed the Internet with me.

I’ve also constantly made a point of stressing how important one’s control over their own business domain name and hosting is to their business continuity and how important bullet proof email hosting is to the success of a company; which brings me back to my Network Solutions problem.

For many years, I’ve depended on Network Solutions to provide me with the very best email services that money can buy, but at a reasonable price. Before last Summer, I can count on one hand the number of spam emails I’ve received through Network Solutions.

I’ve even used Network Solutions to solve several non profits’ spam problems, if only for self preservation; I hated getting the calls about spam email and dealing with the damage caused by unsuspecting computer users after they’ve accidentally (or whatever) opened one of the emails.

Then last year, Network Solutions’ email abruptly changed.

Can you imagine letting a email like the obvious spam message below get through your system?

For crying out loud, it’s even got a zip file attached to it. Two years ago, I would never have received anything like this through Network Solutions email servers. Can you imagine the damage this thing could do to a typical windows computer user.

It’s time for Network Solutions to clean up their act. Add their email mess to the fact that their web hosting speed diminished from an average of 500 milliseconds to an average of 3800 milliseconds over last summer and you have a serious customer service issue. I would click, count to ten, and I might or might not see a web page in thirty seconds, one that used to render in under a second.

I’ve tried. I’ve called them. I’ve emailed them. I’ve completed their surveys. I’ve given them almost a year. But, they’ve refused to acknowledge or do anything about their problems.

So, I’m gone.

July 2010 update: I’ve moved to an excellent new web host. No more waiting, no more counting to ten and excellent speed. I would advise you to do the same. What are your experiences with Network Solutions?


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