Restore QuickBooks Backups


How do I check to make sure I can actually restore my backup files?


If you are using a local backup, I have a quick video explaining the process here.

If you are using QuickBooks online backup, use Web Restore to restore your latest online backup company file to a folder on your local computer.

Web Restore allows you to restore your backup files using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.(x) and newer or Mozilla Firefox 2.(x) and newer. With Web Restore, you can access only the last successful backup performed.

To restore your Online Backup files:

1 – Create a folder on your desktop called "Test Restore"

2 – Go to the QuickBooks Online Backup Login page here

3 – Enter your Account ID and Password and click the Web Restore button.

4 – If prompted, install the ActiveX control.

5 – Follow the online instructions and locate the company file (mycompany.qbw) that you want to restore. Then, click Restore.

6 – Save the file to your "Test Restore" folder on your desktop.

You can take it one step further by testing the file in QuickBooks. Remember not to confuse the file with your current production company file. Delete the file from your "Test Restore" folder when your test is complete. It would be a good idea to test your backup every month.

If you are not using QuickBooks Online Backup, you can purchase a 1 GB or 10 GB service plan here

If you need more than 10 GB, use another online backup service such as Mozy or iBAckup.

Also, A QuickBooks company backup file {mycompany}.QBB, does not contain everything to fully restore your QuickBooks to full functionality. Features like Shipping Manager, Loan Manager and add ons are not saved in the QBB file.

Consequently, house all of your company files including add on data, in a dedicated folder then backup the entire folder to your online backup service. I have a detailed instructional video at

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