QuickBooks Multi User Doesn't Work

Question – Still can’t connect multiple users despite all advice… So I have vista on two desktop PCs and one laptop. When I use one desktop as the database server and try to use my other licenses on the other computers, I cannot connect. I have given proper access to the files and mapped the folders. I have allowed access through my firewall for all listed programs on all three machines.

I have reinstalled the software and created a new fake company in attempt to access this. I have updated all versions to the latest release. I access it on all machines as a multi-user, using different user names. When I host on the one desktop and try to access it on the other, it says that I need to host it as well.

I click yes (which I know is wrong) and it doesn’t work. I click no, and it also doesn’t work. The laptop gives me a different message. It says that my host computer is set up share, but my laptop is not communicating properly, and that the problem is my firewall.

I double checked to make sure that I have all programs that need access through the firewall allowed.

When I turn the firewall off, I still get the same message.

I did get it for a minute a few weeks ago, but wouldn’t work an hour later. Why is this so difficult?

I refuse to pay QuickBooks to solve their own problem, but I have been working on this for a month to no avail.

Can anyone genuinely help me?

Answer – Your issue is not the fault of Intuit or QuickBooks. Your issue is Vista peer to peer networking and your network environment. 

I would urge anyone using QuickBooks Pro or Premier to host your company files on an XP based server. Step by step instructions are in the guide at  http://painlessquickbooks.com

XP will be around for a long time. It makes so much sense to Build Your Own QuickBooks Production Server using a bullet proof XP based server, then access QuickBooks with Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP or Apple MAC (using Virtual Machine from Parallels).

Are You Ready For QuickBooks Multi User?

Visit painlessquickbooks.com to find out.


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