QuickBooks Multi User On A Wireless Network

I’ve just completed a seriously fast 802.11n wireless network deployment. With throughput in the neighborhood of 144 megabits per second, it stands to reason that businesses should expect VOIP and application performance over this type of network.

With the exception of endpoint hardware deployment, businesses tend to see no difference between 100mb wired or 100mb wireless networks. But, they see WIFI networks as a great way to save money and add convenience over a wired network.

QuickBooks published a great knowledgebase article defining types of networks compatible with their software, stressing the fact that "Wireless Local Area Networks" are "not recommended." But, I see no point in stalling progress. The new generation of WIFI networks save money and generally make network connectivity ubiquitous.

If you want QuickBooks to perform over WIFI, VPN, WAN or other "not recommended" networks, consider using a QuickBooks Remote Application Server to host and control your QuickBooks Multi User application. Besides substantially increased performance, you will never have to deal with local computer QuickBooks software problems again. You can enjoy the freedom of working securely from anywhere there is a high speed Internet connection.

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