QuickBooks Loan Manager

 In case you don’t know, QuickBooks Loan Manager provides a great tool to manage loans. I found out about it quite by accident.

One of my clients required a better way to organize and backup QuickBooks. They work with several QuickBooks company files. So, I restructured the folder hierarchy, configured a seven day QuickBooks staggered backup then integrated it with their tape backup on another server.

During the last step involving checking my work, I discovered that the QuickBooks Loan Manager screen in each company file was blank. After poking around some, I figured out that the QuickBooks Loan Manager files are not included in the QuickBooks Backup (.QBB) file.

Typically, I backup the entire folder that contains the company files. So, I returned to the backup and then I copied the old .lmr file into the new location for company files, returning the loan manager to full functionality.

The lesson here, backup your entire company files folder. Several components will not restore properly if you use only the .QBB file. I learned about QuickBooks Loan Manager today. I learned about QuickBooks Shipping Manager some time ago.

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