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Question: I have a license issue… can’t access company file from new computer. I have a 5 user license…1 of my 5 computers crashed (2x). Since I could not uninstall on the damaged drive, I cannot access the company file from the NEW computer. The first time intuit fixed it right away. Now they tell me I have to pay for tech support. How can I fix it?

Answer: You will need to evaluate and compare the licensing on each of your computers.

These instructions located at http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/…

On each computer currently accessing the company file, open QuickBooks (you do not need to open the company file) and press the F2 key on your keyboard. This opens the Product Information window.

Write down the number of user licenses (either 1 or 3) and the license number from the Product Information window.

Repeat for each computer that accesses the company file.

Compare the license information you wrote down for each computer.

Make sure that you do not have single user licenses duplicated on multiple. If no single user licenses are present, sync all five computers’ licensing with Intuit. On each installation, go to Help >> Manage My License >> Sync License Data Online, starting with the computer hosting your company file(s).

The ‘exceeded max users’ message appears when you use the same single-user license on more than one computer and more than one individual tries to use the program.

If you are using the same single-user license on more than one computer accessing the company file, use a different license number. Each computer accessing the company file at the same time will need a unique single-user license.

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