No Third Rate Computer Backups Here

Opps… Sunday afternoon and I’ve just discovered that I damaged three files on my home PC. Not to fear… I have these files backed up. Mozy allows me to get the versions I know were there two weeks ago… just like on TV, right?

Unfortunately, Mozy didn’t work as advertised this time.

Here’s a picture of when I needed it the most.


And a picture of the the Mozy blog where I went for a status update.


I gave up recovering the three text files I needed after about a half hour. I will stop trying and look at Mozy later.

Looks like I need to regroup on the backup strategy for this particular computer. Except, I’ve recovery tested random files every month on this computer. I’ve confirmed that they will open after I recover them. I’ve chosen a well known home pc backup solution from Mozy. I made the right decision. Time to back off and wait.

One hour and thirty-five minutes into this, suddenly three text files restore and I finally have my files. Guess this will serve as this month’s recovery testing. I also noticed Mozy’s website bounced back. I guess I’m not the only one with occasional systems problems.

Mozy has a great no charge to home users 2GB Online Backup plan. Give it a try. It’s never let me down, even this time. And, please use referral code F2YX90 when you sign up so I can get some more space on my account..

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