No Plan For H1N1 Swine Flu Then Work From Home

I caught a statement on TV last night that 65% of American companies have no business continuity plan to mediate the impact of a localized flu outbreak. I hope I heard wrong.

As Swine Flu heated up around here this week, a local school district shut down because of absenteeism from the flu. Flu patients are flooding North Texas children’s hospitals. It’s almost past time for us to seriously consider enabling working at home.

In light of the fact that 63% of adult Americans now have broadband internet connections at home, I thought I would offer a quick and easy, more productive, full screen remote desktop solution, one that allows an employee to work from their home computer, almost as if they were sitting in front of their work computer.

Setting up connectivity from your home desktop computer to your office desktop computer takes only a few minutes to complete a few simple steps.

First, forward your office telephone extension to your cell phone.

Next, turn on the "Remote Desktop" functionality from the "Remote" tab in "Systems Properties" again in "Control Panel". Then, download and install an easy to work with software VPN product from LogMeIn Hamachi

I’ve never seen a firewall that Hamachi can’t cut through.

Follow the Hamachi instructions to set up a VPN network.

Then, make sure your office computer will not go into standby or hibernate when left alone. Nose around in the "Control Panel" to change the power settings.

Hang around long enough to test it out.

Now, go home! Use your cell phone to answer work calls. Wash your hands frequently and learn to twitter.

On your home computer, download and install LogMeIn Hamachi², connect to your VPN network, open up Remote Desktop. Then using the VPN IP address of your office PC, connect full screen and get to work.

Or, if you can deal with a small screen and advertising, install LogMeIn Free on both computers and begin working.


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