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How do I move my company file from my laptop to the server and the server only has the database version of the install?

I have the same issue. I made a backup from ,my laptop of the company file what I’d been connecting to at work. I then restored the backup file to my laptop to have a working version while out of the office. Now i’d like to take that company file that I’ve changed which is on my laptop and put it back onto the QB Data Server for all to access as before.

Answer: Close QuickBooks on every computer that accesses your company files.

Make sure the Windows computer you are using is configured to "see" the file extensions of files. Rename the company file on the server share where your production file is located by appending a date to the file;

IE [company_name].QBW.[date] mycompany.QBW.2009jan11

Close QuickBooks on your laptop.

Browse to the company file on your laptop. Copy the company file on your laptop then paste it to the server share where you previously renamed the company file. DO NOT MOVE THE FILE. COPY THEN PASTE.

You will now have two files on your server:



mycompany.QBW becomes your updated production company file

Check your production file then change the name of the company file on your laptop.

You do not want to find yourself in the position of having many company files with the same names with different data in each file, on different computers. Get in the habit of thinking about using only one production company file, mycompany.QBW per company. Rename files to take them "out of production"

You will need to totally understand general Windows folder and file structure, including what extensions are, so that you know beyond a shadow of doubt "where" your files are located and "what" their names are. If you tend to loose files and create duplicates, moving production QuickBooks files around is not for you.

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