Managing My Internet Identity

This should make you nervous.

Lately, I’ve read many articles about branding and reputation. Now, more than ever, potential business, employment and personal contacts go to the Internet for information about me, Les Murphy.

This article on eWeek’s Career Site stated that over 80% of recruiters will put a potential contact’s name in Google to search for information about me before they will initiate contact.

We’ve all heard about the horrors of allowing unfortunate pictures and content to be posted on Facebook or other social networking sites, as well as confusion about people with the same name.

So, I thought I would pro actively do something about any potential conflict. I set up to point to my business website. You are now reading the results of my effort to clear up some things about my online Internet identity.

Last I looked, a search on Google for “Les Murphy” resulted in this site listed above the fold close to my LinkedIn Profile.

This particular Les Murphy is a native Texan, living in Montgomery Texas, a small rather historical rural community in Montgomery County, one hour north of downtown Houston, in Southeast Texas.

I am not my father (God rest his soul), with whom I share my name; or Les Murphy of Les Murphy Motors, northeast of Melbourne, Australia, on the road to Wagga Wagga; or the highly acclaimed CTO of Shunra; or the infamous murderer from New South Wales.

There you have it. I am a computer systems engineer and business systems consultant with a very unique and cost effective perspective on business systems.

Thanks for allowing me to clear up some things!

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