How to Ensure EMR Can Co-Exist in Your Doctors Office or Clinic

APC has an interesting white paper about deploying EMR. You can download it here. (requires new account setup) Of course their take is from a power perspective.

The key things you want to be sure of when you consider where to actually put your equipment should include the following:

• Ability to provide enough cooling for the hardware as the hardware needs it
• Ability to simply and easily add new hardware. Storage, for example, is going to grow each and every day – just look at your paper files
• Ability to provide dependable power to the hardware that is protected so that it is not interrupted and can expand when you add new hardware
• Ability to see and manage of potential problems from power, cooling, or security
• Simplifies the set-up and use of new hardware by simplifying cabling.

I see these as the top five reasons to think real seriously about a HIPAA compliant virtual hosted environment for your new EMR deployment. Keep the hardware out of your clinic and save a ton of money and headache.

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