Get More From What You Already Own

It’s no secret that business continues to be difficult on a good day and maintaining profitability is challenging. Business people are interested in IT services that help them get more value out of what they have.

Your critical business systems are the cornerstone of your success. Are you getting the most from systems you already own?

Do you use QuickBooks in your business?

I get more from QuickBooks by using the automated backup functionality to keep a running week of company backup filesin my QuickBooks company files folder. Then I backup my company file folder using my online backup. 

Get more out of your desktop computers. Do you have four year warranty on the computer systems you own. Every major player offers some form of same day four hour service for desktop computer systems. When you have a hardware problem, one call to an 800 number gets you immediate service.

Or better yet, opt for a longer response time at a reduced rate. Use the saved money to keep a spare computer around. Design your systems to use the same type of computer configuration on every desktop. Then, an emergency swap will take only a few minutes, resulting in very little lost productivity.

If you need help designing an easily swap-able environment, contact me. I can use the work. I specialize in helping you get the most from the business systems you already own!

Are You Ready For QuickBooks Multi User?

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