Family Internet Protection

Easily Block Adult Web Content From Your Family’s Internet

OpenDNS, one of the world’s top DNS providers, created FamilyShield, a free tool to help your family secure your Internet connection from Adult websites that are unsuitable for children, malware and virus websites and phishing websites that steal your personal information.

You can protect your family by following several very simple steps.

Navigate to the OpenDNS FamilyShield page and locate Setup FamilyShield. Click on “Set up FamilyShield”




Enter your email address and click "Let’s Begin!" or, click "continue" to continue setup without signing up.



Select Router or Computer.




Follow the simple instructions for your particular setup and you’re done!

I’ve used OpenDNS as a least cost/first deployment tool for years. If you want to monitor Internet usage as well as block and unblock websites, try the OpenDNS Basic product, also free, but it requires some additional configuration.Combined with a computer security product, your computers and laptops will run secure for years. And, your family will be protected from the dark side of the Internet.


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