Consider A Peachtree Server

I recently completed a dedicated Peachtree server for a friend with only two other users in the office.

Why the expense? And, why would such a small operation need a dedicated Peachtree server?

Let me explain. First, the expense; a little time and a $150 computer.

Yes, keep reading. There’s more below.

How can a Peachtree Production Server help you and my friend?

A Peachtree production server is a computing device that has no keyboard, mouse or monitor. It usually resides in an out of the way closet or shelf, or may not even be in the same physical location as the other computers on the network.

A Peachtree production server will keep and host the production company files in a safe, secure and robust fashion, preventing any damage that a compromised desktop computer or computer user can do to your company files.

A Peachtree production server is the key to a high performing Peachtree multi-user environment within a fast paced modern business and a foundation for business growth.

A Peachtree production server can perform automated tasks within Peachtree and other “Peachtree add on” software such as automated nightly offsite backups or automated order downloads from your website to Peachtree.

A Peachtree production server can automatically keep each of your Peachtree desktop computers updated to the latest Peachtree software version.

A Peachtree production server can even host the entire Peachtree application so that no Peachtree software will be installed on any desktop computer.

With a little luck and a little work, you can build your own Peachtree production server. I located an off-lease robust desktop computer from a remarketer on eBay for under $125 including shipping! I easily completed the project in a couple of hours.

I now have a very happy friend. Interested? Contact me. I could use the work.


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