Best QuickBooks Multi User Setup

Question – What is the best setup for multi user to make sure each machine can open and operate the QuickBooks data file. Vista and XP Pro machines?

Answer – For an out of the box client server setup…

First, you need to have your Windows networking set up correctly. The shared folder where your Company File is located should have full write permissions (network users can change files) to all network users. Make sure your network’s Internet access is through a hardware firewall. Turn off the firewall software on each QuickBooks computer.

Second, each QuickBooks installation must be the same version, updated to the same level with all patches (upgrades) installed. Each QuickBooks installation must have a unique license.

Third, each computer, including the hosting computer, must open the QuickBooks company file from the same location. Do not use different mapping letters on different computers. Map the hosting computer just like you would do the other computers; \\[computer name]\[share name]

Fourth, the computer that “hosts” must be turned on to host the file. The location of the company file must be on the computer that is hosting the file. The hosting computer must have “Host Multi-User Access…” turned on. Every other computer that access QuickBooks must have “Host Multi-User Access…” turned off. The company file must be in “Multi-User Mode” in order for other users to access the file. You must have unique Users set up in QuickBooks in order for other users to access the file.

Intuit has detailed Multi-User Instructions at…

Finally, save yourself the headache of a mixed XP, Vista, Windows 7 installation. Use a QuickBooks Production Server. Learn how at…


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