Windows 7 Fresh Install

Win7Believe me, if you are here, it’s because you know completing a fresh installation of Windows 7 can be a real challenge lately.

These steps solved my Windows 7 fresh install problem.

I hope you have the same success.

Complete a fresh Windows 7 Pro SP1 install on a new or re-formatted drive from USB or DVD install media.

Do not put in Windows product key to verify untll the last step

Turn off Windows update from control panel gui.

Update Internet Explorer to IE11 by direct download at

Complete “Fix Windows Update errors by using the DISM or System Update Readiness tool” at

Complete “April 2015 servicing stack update for Windows 7 x64-based Systems (KB3020369)” at

Complete “July 2016 update rollup for Windows 7 SP1” at file named Windows6.1-KB3172605-x64 for 64 bit Windows 7

Turn Windows update back on.

Check Windows Updates and behold, it identifies, downloads and installs over 200 updates!

Verify Windows with a valid product key


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New Ring-Scape Features

Make calling easier and more efficient with Ring-ScapeIf you use Ring-Scape, you will enjoy it’s new features installed during the latest 07/20/2016 automatic updates to 3.0 version 3.0.53.

Call Transfer: With this feature, a Ring-Scape 3.0 user can answer a call, and use the new transfer capabilities to quickly and efficiently transfer a call to another user. Both blind and consultative transfer are supported. This capability is available on most desk phones sold by me.

Call transfer can be executed via the new call transfer button on the top menu of Ring-Scape, or via the right mouse button drop down menu in receptionist view.

Call Monitoring: With this feature, a user can select the extensions that they want to monitor. Calls to monitored extensions will flash a different shade of blue in receptionist view, or display as a notification at the top of the screen. Monitored calls can be picked up by a simple click of the mouse.

Tel protocol support: The Telephone Link Protocol or Tel protocol provides the capability for a user to setup a link in a website, or a document that allows a call to be placed via a telephony application such as Ring-Scape. A Ring-Scape user can easily choose to associate their Ring-Scape application as the application to use when clicking on a link that uses the Tel protocol. This is done by setting the association to the protocol in the Ring-Scape Settings > General tab window.

Learn more about Ring-Scape 

Contact me about Hosted PBX phone systems with Ring-Scape.

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Common HIPPA Violations – Improperly Storing Health Information

The HIPPA Help Center has an excellent series of videos on common HIPPA violations.

Contact me for assistance with encrypting data, creating policies and conducting risk analysis.

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