Family Internet Protection

Easily Block Adult Web Content From Your Family’s Internet

OpenDNS, one of the world’s top DNS providers, created FamilyShield, a free tool to help your family secure your Internet connection from Adult websites that are unsuitable for children, malware and virus websites and phishing websites that steal your personal information.

You can protect your family by following several very simple steps.

Navigate to the OpenDNS FamilyShield page and locate Setup FamilyShield. Click on “Set up FamilyShield”




Enter your email address and click "Let’s Begin!" or, click "continue" to continue setup without signing up.



Select Router or Computer.




Follow the simple instructions for your particular setup and you’re done!

I’ve used OpenDNS as a least cost/first deployment tool for years. If you want to monitor Internet usage as well as block and unblock websites, try the OpenDNS Basic product, also free, but it requires some additional configuration.Combined with a computer security product, your computers and laptops will run secure for years. And, your family will be protected from the dark side of the Internet.

Interested In A Used Copy Machine

Next time you turn your copy machine back to the leasing company, you might want to consider cleaning it up a bit. No, I’m not talking about the dust and coffee stains. This video will knock your lights out.

The good news; most copy machine manuals detail the process to delete data on the machines. Copy machine manuals can easily be found on the Internet. Or, pull the drive from the machine and wipe it or replace it with an ebay drive.

New Company File in QuickBooks

I start out each year with a new company file for QuickBooks. It seems perfectly reasonable because my QuickBooks complexity does not effect my process of creating the file. Starting with a new file keeps QuickBooks operating fast and error free. I’ve always taken my process for granted because is as simple as exporting lists and templates and beginning with opening balances in the appropriate accounts. Also, I export my financial statements and compare year to year trends in Excel. I’ve read several places that creating a new company file each year is a best practice.

I can see multitudes of problems for companies that have more complex requirements for QuickBooks than I have. In the past, I argued that creating a new company file each year was best practice. However, I now know that extenuating circumstances can prevent a business from creating a new file every year.Here’s what Intuit has to say about it.

If my business were more complex, I would have serious concerns around the limitations that payroll and time entries, online banking and comparative yearly reports have on my ability to mitigate performance problems with QuickBooks by creating a new company file every year. The large company files as well as the database serving methodology employed by QuickBooks seriously impacts QuickBooks Multi User performance.

I regularly upgrade networks to gigabit to mitigate the QuickBooks performance situation, something I do not do with Peachtree companies. I’m not recommending that you move to Peachtree. But, I am concerned that QuickBooks client server software architecture needs to be reevaluated, de-bloated and moved to a 21st century state of the art client server design. If my business’s accounting needs depended upon application performance and tight integration between payroll, time entry, banking and year to year comparative reporting, I would have to seriously consider something else other that QuickBooks Multi User.

Intuit’s efforts in licensing and improving Hosted QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online are admirable. But, hosted solutions are not the answer to every businesses’ requirements. Tell a doctor I know that’s office has no Internet connectivity, that he needs to move QuickBooks 2006 to QuickBooks online for the latest features and you’ll know what I mean.

The current state of QuickBooks client server performance needs a hard look by a few good client server architects. I don’t think I’m alone in my opinion. What do you think?