Timing Is Everything Outlook

Check out “Google Calendar Streamlines Event Scheduling” from Lifehacker and Google’s Blog

Google pushed out a small update to Google Calendar last night, updating the repeating event editor with a more streamlined interface and adding a great new “find a time” feature that helps you and your friends or coworkers find an appointment time that fits everyone’s schedule.

I guess I’m even closer to loosing Outllook than I thought.

Frustrated With Outlook Meetings

I participated in an interesting poll today about the proverbial back and forth with trying to schedule a meeting in Outlook. I’ve tempered my response with the slow performance of Outlook 2010, probably a good topic for another day. Anyway, here’s the current poll from Linkedin. (Login Warning)

I’m moving more and more to the Google Apps web interface and will probably be ditching Outlook pretty soon unless I can find a new compelling reason to stay with it.

Do you have any new compelling reasons?