Google Apps A Microsoft Exchange Killer

I think not.

Google would have to give Apps away and beg people to forgive them for functionality that is missing before this stuff could begin to compare to Microsoft Exchange.

However, you can get some serious functionality for $50 per year per user. And, Google Apps reinvents collaboration, moving the target away from the Exchange paradigm with easy deployment.

Although Google Apps syncs with Outlook, much of the Exchange functionality, nuances that corporate Outlook / Exchange users depend upon, are not fully developed; for instance sharing and delegating access to your calendar.


If you’ve never used Exchange and seek additional mobile connectivity and enhanced employee collaboration, consider Google Apps very carefully. Compare and demonstrate functionalities with both Microsoft Exchange with a fully hosted application service provider and Google Apps and please, consider a professional to help deploy your collaborative messaging solution.

H1N1 Swine Flu and Remote Working

The CDC predicts your workforce may suffer a 40% absenteeism rate due to employee illness and caring for family members. You will be impacted whether you are a single person business or a worker in a ten thousand employee company.

“Everbridge, the world’s recognized leader in incident notification systems, merges technology with industry expertise to help millions of people communicate in a crisis, manage operational incidents and connect on a daily basis.”

You might not ever consider using a resource management and communications solution of the magnitude of Everbridge, but information on their website about managing business continuity during the impact of this year’s flu epidemic is a must read.

Remote working will not necessarily provide all of the solution to your response effort. If you’ve had the flu in the past, you know how impossible work becomes during your time with the flu or while you care for family members with the flu.

Work responsibility must be shared and clear divisions of labor with clear definition of task failover must be in place to survive the impact of this year’s flu crisis.

During October and November, many people whom you work with will become ill or need to care for family members that are ill. Remote working solutions can be deployed in a matter of minutes but business continuity planning takes time and effort.

You must act now to mitigate damage to your business.

Download QuickBooks 2010, Try Without Hurting Current QuickBooks Company Files

Today is the QuickBooks 2010 release date.

You will most certainly want to upgrade from your present version of QuickBooks to QuickBooks 2010. There are many New Features in QuickBooks 2010. My favorite new feature; “Scan documents directly into QuickBooks and attach them electronically to QuickBooks transactions”

However, please don’t endanger your current production QuickBooks. Try out QuickBooks 2010 without messing up your production quickbooks using one of several ways.

First, download the QuickBooks Solutions For Your Industry or, you can Save 20% off QuickBooks Pro Small Business Accounting Software + Free Shipping

Next, if you plan to buy a new computer in the next several months, purchase a new PC that is upgradable to Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate. Purchase QuickBooks 2010, install it on your new PC. Restore one of your company files on your new PC and start experimenting.

Use this combination as a tool to help you plan your upgrade after the first QuickBooks 2010 updates come out in several months. Then, in several months, install your clean version of Windows 7 on the new PC and move it into production.

Another great way to test QuickBooks 2010 without purchasing a new PC requires installing Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 to your current XP or Vista PC. Virtual PC 2007 allows you to create a virtual computer inside of your present computer. Follow the Virtual PC 2007 instructions, install Windows XP, Vista or 7 on your virtual computer. Install QuickBooks 2010 on your virtual computer.

Then get with the program; learn about QuickBooks 2010 and create your upgrade plan.