Interested In A Used Copy Machine

Next time you turn your copy machine back to the leasing company, you might want to consider cleaning it up a bit. No, I’m not talking about the dust and coffee stains. This video will knock your lights out.

The good news; most copy machine manuals detail the process to delete data on the machines. Copy machine manuals can easily be found on the Internet. Or, pull the drive from the machine and wipe it or replace it with an ebay drive.

Google Made Me Do It

I like Google Analytics so much so that I use it to track activity on this site as well as other sites that I use. I almost always set up Google Analytics for clients to use to track their websites. Imagine my surprise when during my monthly routine, I looked at reports that indicated that suddenly I’m getting hundreds of visits from folks looking for lightning stuff.

A quick Google search on lightning strikes turns up the stunning result that Google places me above the fold for searches on lightning strikes. Although there are “About 1,680,000 results”, apparently, I’ve been here awhile. But knowing Google search, there’s no guarantee I’ll be there tomorrow.

First off, I’ll never understand Google’s algorithms for search results. I could have spent thousands of dollars on SEO and never achieved above the fold for such a fantastic search term like lightning strikes. This achievement seems to break all of the SEO rules. My domain name has nothing to do with lightning. Although there are several articles and my thing about lightning posted here, most of the content is about business computing. However, I’m thankful for Google’s placing my website in such good company as and

Right about now, I’m feeling very obligated to these hard working Google lightning strikes searchers by providing more lightning stuff. I feel like I’m letting you down. So, my question to you; What would you like to see or learn about lightning strikes?

Please leave me an answer or share your story in the comments. I’ll try not to let you down. Oh, before I forget; thanks Google.

Saint Patrick 387-461 Missionary Teacher Writer

Wishing you an eventful St. Patrick’s Day. Patrick was born in Britain in the latter part of the fourth century. His father was a deacon in the Roman church as well as an estate holder. Patrick had some religious training, but it had not affected his life. At the age of sixteen he was captured by Irish raiders and taken to Ireland as a slave. Separated from home and family, he was forced to tend the sheep and cattle on isolated hillsides.

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