Make The Jump From DSL or Cable to Fiber Internet Service

imagesThings have changed. Now more than ever, businesses get the need for bandwidth. What you may not know is that today, making the jump has never been easier. Forget your local telephone company or cable television provider, purchasing fiber Internet access requires an entirely different approach.

There are over 700 fiber providers in the US. Some of these companies are the business arms of residential cable and telephone companies, but most are stand alone companies with the vision to bury fiber optics in their chosen business areas. Doing business with these forward thinking companies usually requires the assistance of a third party consultant like myself to navigate the sales and delivery process. Unlike a typical cable or telephone order done online or by telephone in ten minutes, fiber orders, especially in rural areas, can take several days.

Once you get a delivery date, the cutover from DSL or cable to fiber can be very easy. Frequently, it’s only unplugging a cable from one box and plugging it into another box.

Don’t let fear of the unknown deter you from pursuing fiber Internet access. It could be as simple as contacting me.

Network Solutions Email Problems

Just received this update from my Exchange service provider about email problems with Network Solutions.

Service Advisory: [my provider] has discovered a possible issue with certain Network Solutions name servers. When looking up DNS information for domains hosted on Network Solutions or when querying Network Solutions name servers, we have seen intermittent time outs. This issue was discovered when customer reported bounce backs for people trying to send them mail. People sending to domains hosted on these servers may receive similar bounce backs. After some research, we found reports of similar issues by other companies (outside of [my provider]) and reports from Network Solutions stating that there may be a Denial of Service Attack (DDOS). We will monitor this issue and provide an update when the issue has been resolved by Network Solutions.

Such a shame that a company the size of Network Solutions allows this to happen. Top shelf Dynamic DNS provider Dyn, aka Dynamic Network Services, Inc and DNS provider OpenDNS figured out DNS long ago.

If it were my business depending on email, I would think seriously about deploying excellent hosting from Bluehost with DNS from OpenDNS and Dynamic DNS from Dynamic Network Services, Inc

Bluehost consistently makes it into the top hosting companies acclaimed “the best and brightest of the hosting world” by WordPress.

Small Business Telephone Systems

The Panasonic Cloud Business Phone System is a great way to lower business costs. Combined with a solid Internet connection and a reliable SIP provider, Panasonic’s knocked one out of the park with this product. This small business telephone system includes multi-line corded and cordless functionality using “Panasonic Cloud Services“; a reliable, affordable, flexible and no annual contract IP phone service for your business.

The Panasonic Cloud Business Phone System supports up to 6 additional cordless Handsets and has a great looking desktop base station.


Internet telephone systems come in many flavors; but they all have one thing in common. They should never be used with substandard Internet connectivity. My preference is a solid Internet T1, but any robust, async, low latency cable or ADSL connection will work to some degree.

If you don’t have a T1, check your Internet connection with 8×8’s VOIP Online Test Tool to determine the ability of your Internet service to support an Internet phone system. I recently tested a business ADSL circuit that could support several telephone lines.

If your Internet circuit fails the test, consider looking beyond your local phone or cable company. You have many options no mater where you’re located in North America.